Born in Portsmouth, Ohio, James Allen Clark fell in love with music as a young child listening to his family play and sing around the table after supper. His home was filled with the sound of gospel, bluegrass, and country music. Growing up surrounded by that music he taught himself how to play the guitar, piano, and sing those tunes.

Years later after high school, James Allen Clark moved just north of his home town to Columbus, Ohio. There he furthered his love from the familiar music of home and began singing with a gospel group. After a few years of traveling the country with that group James Allen Clark headed out west to Phoenix AZ. Initially he had a difficult time gaining a foothold in the music industry spending five years without making any real headway.

James Allen Clark decided it was time to moved from out west and head to music city, Nashville Tennessee, where he began singing at local venues and developing his fan base. Just after his second year in the music city a great friend who had the faith in James Allen Clark wanted to help by financially backing him. Thus in 2008 was born his four song promotional album “First Attempt” with the single “If I Didn’t Know Better.”

Since then James Allen Clark has been hard at work performing for a lot of organizations helping to raise money for charities all over the United States. He has also signed on with Top Priority Management’s Cindy Herron whom is a 20 year veteran of the music industry and well connected in Nashville. He is still hard at work on a new project which includes the recently announced new single "Cheaper to Keep Her," that was released October 15th, 2010. James Allen Clark has been touring radio stations promoting this song and they love his new single!

James Allen Clark is a man whose passion for music fuels an array of other vigorous enthusiasms. Apart from writing and recording songs like many new country singers James Allen Clark fuses on traditionalist country with a slick, rock-oriented sense of style and production. It is shown through all his music from his love songs that wow the women, to his new single, known as the “man song”, “Cheaper to Keep Her.”

This is just the beginning for James Allen Clark… You haven’t seen anything yet!

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